Silence towards our body and the soul.

“I am the power of the controllers; I am the guiding principles of the ones who want to win; I am the silence for feelings that need to be kept concealed; and also I am the wisdom-essence of the ones who have wisdom.” – Bhagwad Gita.


The inner silence has great power of doing anything. The silence can change the mindset just in few seconds. Anything which is done for the first time in life has a very great impact on us even if we don’t know about it. The silence in the body or in the mind can make people feel different from others in what we are doing. In every religion, the peace and the silence have an important factor. If we talk about Christianity, it unveils many stories of Lord Jesus as he handles all the problem over the course of his path in a peaceful and silent manner which doesn’t harm any person. The other religion Taoism which gives a very great message through its sign of religion. The sign itself says that there always lies some good on the bad side and lies bad thing on the good side of the human nature. Often a religion coveys a sense of calmness to its followers and tends to influence them to create a room of silence in the mind to control the ongoing things around the followers. The fact that many people fail to understand is the message given by the different religious books and lessons. Upon being asked if they really know any saga of any of the great ancient deity, they really do lack the construction and fail to know the important message which is to keep the mind in silence.

8 thoughts on “Silence towards our body and the soul.

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  2. A potent post and very true. A lot can be found when searching in silence and meditation.

    If advice would be helpful, separating your important points into paragraphs would make it easier for the reader. additionally, if you can relate a story to your own experiences, perhaps something you personally learned through the silence you mention, would help the reader find out more about you. Similarly, an about page is visited frequently, people like to know more about you as a person.

    A nice post, with tons of potential. I really like your links to religions, very interesting. I hope this was helpful!

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